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Bahamas Cruises

The Bahamas is perhaps the most popular cruise destination on Earth, and with its many tropical islands, sun-kissed beaches, wonderful shopping opportunities, historical architecture, and colonial history, it's no wonder. The Bahamas is the ultimate in paradise and cruises to the Bahamas provide the perfect way to explore the many islands where you'll find ample places to swim, snorkel, scuba dive and sunbathe. Bahamas cruises are the ultimate in luxury too, but because they are now so popular, they are still fairly affordable, allowing nearly anybody the opportunity to sample paradise. Ocean going voyages to the Bahamas provide the perfect vacation solution because the islands have so much to do, Bahamas cruises are ideal for all members of the family.

Which Bahamas Cruise

Because it is such a popular destination, all the major cruise line operators have regular Bahamas cruises. Choosing between them isn't difficult as most Bahamas cruise liners tailor their services for particular groups of customer. If you are on a romantic vacation, several operators provide honeymoon packages, while for families, a Bahamas cruise vacation is easily catered for with many ships now providing plenty of facilities for children. Perhaps the best destination to depart for a Bahamas voyage is Florida, where you'll find most of the major cruise operators. However, ocean going voyages to the Bahamas operate from many other US ports too, and once you have chosen your ship, the excitement starts from the moment you step aboard, even before you arrive in the tropical waters of the Bahamas.

Aboard a Bahamas cruise liner

Modern cruise ships are like floating cities, with virtually every amenity onboard you could possibly require. With staterooms, family rooms, guest services, and meals served throughout the day, you can relax and keep to your own timetable. For those with children, many Bahamas cruise ships have onboard movie theaters, swimming pools, and games rooms, while adults will find an abundance of restaurants, bars and even casinos. Once you arrive in the Bahamas, regular stop offs mean you can go and explore the various islands. These range from the vibrant New Providence, where you'll find the capital Nassau and its rich culture, history and shopping boutiques, to the smaller deserted islets where you can relax on a secluded beach or go snorkeling in the warm, clear waters.

Cruising the Bahamas

The capital, Nassau, is an enchanting port city that is rich in European colonial history. Loacted on New Providence, the largest island, Nassau is a regular stop off for most Bahamas cruises and contains some wonderful boutiques, fascinating museums, and is rich in island culture. However, as exciting as you'll find Nassau, the rest of the Bahamas is equally enthralling and the tropical islands have some of the world's most stunning beaches and deep blue waters that provide some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities anywhere. A voyage to the Bahamas is the ultimate in cruise destinations, and will provide a vacation you'll simply never forget.

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