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Carnival Cruises

Cruises have become an immensely popular form of vacation, and with so much to do onboard and the ability to explore numerous places on one trip, it is no wonder. One of the leading cruise line operators is Carnival Cruises, who are one of the most traveled cruise operators in America. Carnival Cruises were one of the first operators to introduce shorter, less expensive voyages, enabling more and more people to be able to afford an ocean going voyage. In addition, Carnival Cruise ships are well equipped and they pride themselves on a wide range of amenities, which are aimed at all ages and types of people. The ships operate out of Doral, Florida and go to a wide number of destinations, not just around the Americas, but also Europe and Australia too.

About Carnival Cruises

Founded in 1972, Carnival Cruises has a solid reputation for providing good value and inclusive vacations suitable for all the family. Carnival runs and operates over 20 different ships from various ports in America, Europe, and Australia. In addition, they have seven different classes of ships, which range from the Las Vegas styled Fantasy class to the more sublime Splendor class. Because of this array of different vessels, Carnival Cruises are able to provide ocean going voyages for a wide range of people, from honeymooners and anniversary couples, to families and singles. Packed with entertainment and amenities, Carnival's ships provide a wide range of activities on board, and they have a mascot known as "Fun Ship Freddy."

Carnival Cruises destinations

The majority of Carnival Cruises' ships operate from American Ports, and the company take passengers on voyages all round the Americas with some of the most popular destinations including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Bermuda, Alaska, and Canada and New England. The most popular ports for departure are Florida, Louisiana and New York, although Carnival Cruises do operate on the east coast too, with regular voyages to the Bahamas, Hawaii and the Mexican Riviera leaving Los Angeles and San Diego. While most ships are based in the United States, Carnival Cruises do operate in Europe and Australia too. Trips around the Mediterranean leave Dover, England, Barcelona, Spain, and Venice, Italy, while Australian voyages sail from Sydney.

Traveling with Carnival Cruises

The amenities on board Carnival Cruises are aimed to ensure all passengers can enjoy themselves. All ships are packed full of numerous restaurants where fine dining, self-service buffets and children's menus are served throughout the day. For those that want to eat in their cabin, room service is available 24 hours a day. The ships are packed with things to do too. Most voyages on Carnival Cruises are booked fully inclusive, which means most things on board are free, and this includes things such as the theater, SportsSquare (a type of adventure playground with activities for both adults and children), live music, and the spa and fitness club. Most ships also have an on board casino and plenty of bars too.

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