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Celebrity Cruises

For many people an ocean going voyage is the ultimate in luxury. Being pampered as you cruise the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands or Mediterranean, can make you feel like a film or music star, and that is exactly what Celebrity Cruises are designed to do. The cruise operator is among the top operators in the world, and tailors its service to provide the ultimate in ocean going experiences, while at the same time, it aims to be one of the most competitively priced cruise operators around. Based in Miami, Florida, Celebrity Cruises visits a wide range of destinations and operates from some of the major ports in the United States. It also offers ocean going voyages to Europe, Australia and some even more exotic locations, few other cruise operators visit.

About Celebrity Cruises

The Greece-based Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1988, and since then, it has grown to become a hugely popular provider of ocean going voyages. While it has its headquarters in Florida, it operates from numerous ports in the United States, Europe and Australia. The cruise line company has various ships in several classes, although its fleet is slightly smaller than comparable cruise operators, although Celebrity Cruises is part of a much larger organization (Royal Caribbean International). Ships operated by Celebrity tend to have the same features, including aft-glass restaurants, balconies attached to cabins, suite staterooms, and plenty of facilities such as swimming pools, lounging areas, bars, spas and even libraries. They also tailor plenty of services to children, which makes them popular with families.

Common Celebrity cruise destinations

As with most large cruise providers operating from the ports in the United States, the Caribbean, Hawaii and South America are popular destinations. Celebrity Cruises also operates from ports in Europe, Australia and Asia so offers trips to the Mediterranean, Far East and both transatlantic and transpacific voyages. Passages operated by Celebrity Cruises also includes some more exotic locations not often journeyed to by other operators, such as the Galapagos Islands, made famous by Charles Darwin, which makes them an obvious choice for wildlife lovers. Because of the smaller fleet compared to other cruise operators, however, availability of certain destinations can vary during different times of the year.

On board a Celebrity Cruise

As is common with most cruise operators these days, the number of amenities and services offered by Celebrity Cruises is extensive. Besides the numerous restaurants, bars and lounges guests on an ocean going voyage can play cards at the casino, enjoy a spa, work out in the gym, swim in the various pools, or just relax in one of the numerous relaxation areas. For children, Celebrity put on plenty of entertainment and activities, including youth programs aimed at five different age groups and it has a Fun Factory. In addition, Celebrity Cruises provide baby sitting services so that adults can enjoy the nighttime entertainment, which is also pretty extensive and features theater productions, musicals, dancing and discos, and they also hold regular parties in the evening.

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