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Princess Cruises

The popularity of the modern cruise has a lot to do with Princess Cruises. The California-based company was made famous by the 1970's series, The Love Boat, which featured two of Princess Cruises' ships. This TV series did a lot to popularize cruise vacations too, and Princess Cruises has been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Today, the company takes hundreds of thousands of passengers each year to a wide range of destinations. The company prides itself on its high level of service, which has earned it a good reputation and helped it become one of the most popular cruise line operators in the world.

About Princess Cruises

Formed in 1965, Princess Cruises has grown to become one of the most popular companies providing ocean-going voyages in America. However, the ship operator also goes farther afield, with regular ocean going voyages around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With a large number of ships in various classes, a trademark of the company is that all ships have the suffix Princess after their names. This has made Princess Cruises very popular with honeymooners, anniversary couple and those wanting a romantic break, but the company also cater for families and other groups. Cruises operated by Princess depart from many of the major ports in the United States, such as Florida and Los Angeles, but also they run operate out of various ports in Europe and Australasia.

Princess Cruise destinations

As with most major cruise line companies, Princess Cruises offers a wide range of destinations to its customers. The most popular ocean going voyages are to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Hawaiian Islands. Princess Cruises also operate a number of world cruises, in which passengers can explore the globe and visit up to 40 ports on six continents. For those wanting a briefer vacation, ocean trips range from just a few days to several weeks. The company provides excursions at all major destinations and allows passengers ample stop off time, which gives people time to explore the wide range of exotic locations to which their ocean going voyage has taken them.

Sailing with Princess Cruises

Few ocean going voyages offer as much luxury as a Princess Cruise. On board most of their ships, passengers can enjoy a wide range of amenities and entertainments. Most Princess Cruise ships have numerous restaurants, and the chefs are able to cater for all needs, such as allergies and other dietary requirements. Activities are also numerous and most ships have a vibrant nightlife, where passengers are kept amused by singers and other entertainers, or can dance the night away in the various ballrooms and discos. During the daytime, spas and swimming pools provide a great way to relax during the voyage, while there are plenty of shops and boutiques on board too, as well as galleries and even an auction house. For families, Princess cruise ships also have youth centers and various entertainments tailored for the younger passenger, while adults can enjoy the casinos and many bars.

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