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Holland-America Cruises

Holland-America have been providing ocean going passenger voyages for over 100 years, as such, they are one of the most experienced and highly regarded cruise operators in the world. Having carried over 400,000 people to America at the turn of the century, Holland-America also became one of the first passenger lines to offer vacation cruises, with the company offering its first ocean going cruise in 1895. Today, Holland-America Cruises carry over 750,000 vacation passengers a year, making it one of the most widely used cruise line operators. With such a long-standing history, Holland-America has earned a reputation of being at the forefront of passenger comfort and it prides itself on the quality of its ocean going voyages.

History of Holland-America Cruises

Established as a shipping and passenger line in 1873, Holland-America has seen the industry go from steam and sail power to the modern ocean going cities that the modern cruise ships have become. While it started offering vacation cruises as long ago as 1895, it wasn't until the 1950s, when air travel made its primary business as a transatlantic passenger service obsolete. After that, Holland-America Cruises concentrated its efforts on the vacation industry. Since that time, it has broken new ground in cruising by being the first operator ever to take passengers to Antarctica, as well as having one of the widest ranges of possible destinations. Currently, Holland-America Cruises operates 15 ships in a range of classes that provide cruises for people of all ages and tastes.

Holland-America cruise destinations

Few other cruise operators offer the wide range of destinations that Holland-America Cruises does. Their ships regularly visit all the continents, voyaging to places as diverse as Alaska, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, South America and the Pacific. Holland-America also offer grand voyages, which can last up to 60 days, taking passengers to a wide number of destinations, and provides a truly once in a lifetime experience. Another service offered by Holland-America Cruises is a combined cruise and hotel package, made possible by the fact that the company also runs a popular hotel chain. They also offer regular excursions, which includes such exciting trips as African safaris and wilderness treks in Alaska.

Onboard a Holland-America cruise liner

Holland-America Cruises operates a Signature of Excellence program that focuses on upgrading all their ships to ensure they include the best possible amenities. This means that on board every Holland-America ship you'll find all the modern facilities expected of a modern cruise liner. These include, speciality restaurants, lounges, a Culinary Arts Center, children's facilities. In addition, all cabins also include DVD players, LCD TVs and all the amenities you'd find in a quality hotel. While many of their services are aimed at the more discerning passenger, Holland-America Cruises have plenty to see and do for all ages, with lots of entertainment and facilities for both young and old. Holland-America Cruises are also proud of the many awards they have achieved within the industry that have been earned over its long history of providing vacation cruises.

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